Packing Styles

3 pair printed band roll

3 to 6 pair color printed band rolls are available most of our customers are using this type of band roll style


3 pair cascade packing

3 pair cascades are available in simple and

water fall style for men ladies and children 

single pair header

each  pair header with 1 to 12 pair per poly bag and 12 pair iner box


SPORT SOCKS---click on a specific sock type below    

Tennis Aerobic Mouline Melange Argyle Bobble Turn Over Dyed Secret


DRESS SOCKS---Click on a specific sock type below

Cotton Rib  Plain  Jackguard  Walk  Turn-top  Knee High  Mouline Rib  Bobby

 Soccer  Non-Terry Secret

Wholesale Organic Products and wholesale directory. We have wholesale sport socks and wholesale dress socks.