ESAS Trade is the exclusive representative of a socks manufacturing factory in South Asia. Since 1992, we have been producing sports and dress socks for export markets for Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Central America. For the last 6 years, our line of sport socks, TOTAL Comfort Socks, has become the leading sport socks producer and exporter for Europe.

We have over 600 socks knitting machines comprising of Savio Matec, Conti, N G, Lonatie sports socks machines and Double Cylinder Machines Bentley, Uniplet and E-Model which are capable of producing high quality sports socks to meet any required specs and standards. We can customize the socks with your logos and colors to reflect your brand needs.

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Quality Control

Once the manufacturing process started, our trained QC teams follow strict quality control procedures. All finish products then undergo final inspection and check for logos, labels and design faults. In addition, visual inspections are conducted thoroughly for product dimensions and any holes.


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